Curchin Knot

Curchin Knot

Curchin Knot
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Rope Fender

I took some time off to do a little "production" work (tie things already published here, but for family and frie.

Coffee Mug Handle Tie

I received this OXO travel mug with handle for Christmas. I really like a stainless lined travel mug and I have been interested in a .

Simple Key Lanyard

A quick one here- I've been out of a key lanyard for a few weeks, so I decided to whip something together. I tend to like my key lanyards .

Leash and the Gaucho Fan

I recently purchased a reel of lobster warp, or rope that is normally used to connect the buoy to the trap when folks are fishing for lobs.

Barber Pole Turks Head

Hope the New Year finds every one well. It's been busy here in southern Maine with a dumping of snow, back to work, back to school for the.

Knot Grommet:

CUrchin Knot: Grommet with Tutorial- looks like you could use flat braid in two colors to make this as a pendant for a kumibraid cord

Rope Door Mat:

We& had an ocean plait mat in front of our kitchen sink for over a year now. While the ocean plait is a nice mat, I have always want.

Turks Head Thumb Loops:

I've been reading a bit recently about tying T shaped turks heads by taking two turks heads and running a separate cord through them .

Multi Tool Lanyard:

Multi Tool Lanyard:

Spool knotting:

CUrchin Knot: Loop Lanyard using 3 Pin Spool Knotting/Knitting

Pineapple Knot Fob:

CUrchin Knot: Paracord Pineapple Knot Fob from a 2 Bight Turks Head