Don't drop baby balloon toss

Pamper toss for a potty party! For a coed party?

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Celebrity Mom Baby Shower Game! When people arrived we stuck labels with a celebrity mom on their back. To get the party started, they had to ask other people "yes or no" questions about themselves to figure out who they were! Examples: Am I a singer? Do I only have one child? The game was a hit!

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Baby Shower Prize "You Nailed It!" Blue nail polish, nail clippers, nail file, nail brush, and cotton balls.

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Baby Shower Games for Men - Ideal Baby Shower

This game is fun for baby showers, or a late night with friends also in the parenting way.

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Simple thank you idea and free printable thank you tag that would be perfect for a baby or bridal shower from

Game Ideas For Baby Showers With Couples.

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Birds and Soap, Soap and Birds: "She's About to Pop!" Part baby shower game ideas

Name That Poo | 30 Baby Shower Games That Are Actually Fun

This game is use for baby showers but it actually would be a really awesome OT activity that works on stereognosis!

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius. Some of these are sooo funny! #babyshower #gifts #genius #funny

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This site is FULL of shower, birthday party and bachelorette party ideas, themes and games! A must pin!

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How to Make Bows

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Free handwriting fonts

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My sister is getting married at the KY Theater, so I made a large movie poster for her bridal shower. The names of the bridal party are at the bottom.

movie star bridal shower

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bridal shower game This is perfect for a movie nerd like myself! I would do this in my spare time for fuN!

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A Movie Themed Bridal Shower

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More Movie Love Quotes bridal shower game

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GAMES!! :) Click this picture to see lot of nifty ideas Printable Bridal Shower Game "Movie Love Quotes" - try to guess which movie these famous love quotes come from! #bridalshowergames #printablegames

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Free Printable Popcorn Box Tutorial/single serving size/perfect for movie night. One person commented that she made them shorter & in colors to coordinate with a bridal shower, for candy. Cool!

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Award-Worthy Bridal Shower Ideas For a Movie Star Bride: We all know brides-to-be can be divas at times, so why not just embrace it by treating them like the star they want to be?

Marshmallow Pops at a Bridal Shower #bridal #shower

Bridal Shower Games and Ideas - Ice-Breakers :-)

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