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Our family loves textbook-based learning. While many homeschoolers totally reject textbooks as being too much like traditional schooling, we have found that textbooks are a great fit for our visual…

Homeschoolers can save future college tuition costs with CLEP for college credits and REA's college test prep resources for both CLEP and AP.

Learn history with Project Passport. There's such a variety of projects that the program is easily customized for your family.

An Ultimate Charlotte Mason Resource Guide |

Why we love Writing with Ease? This allows children to gain confidence and necessary skills towards becoming proficient writers, a little at a time.

Learn how to teach geography to tactile learners in your homeschool with games, puzzles, maps, notebooking, field trips, and more. With a focus on a super-creative 4D puzzle for teens.

(Win a year of science!) Explore Homeschool Astronomy - a creation based textbook for K-6th grades with an emphasis on the great things in the new, 2nd edition.

Is homeschooling high school in your future? Homeschool high school self paced course helps with an overall vision - 15 lessons and video.

Children often learn best when they have a good example to follow. Writers in Residence, from Apologia Educational Ministries is a writing program that aims to develop strong writing skills while g...

A look at how we're using All About Spelling level 6 in our homeschool and what we'll be doing after finishing level 7

Homeschool Foreign Language options

Magformers Packs Big Fun Into a Small Package--Fun and educational

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (Young Explorer Series) from Apologia

Create, sell, and deliver your own profitable ONLINE CLASS. Have you got dreams--and even solid ideas--for an online class, but are you struggling to make the course a reality? Turning your skills and ideas into an actual e-Course means translating what's in your mind into a solid digital product. And there's the technology. It's easy to get confused about the choices and the work of setting up an online classroom. Maybe you've already made some training videos or pdfs, but are l

Cool Math Games: The Ultimate List - Educents Blog

Need history and geography resource and curriculum ideas? Look no further! This comprehensive list compiled by a homeschool mom of four kids has a little bit of everything. You'll love these awesome homeschool history resources!

Blogger Review: Learn Multiplication Tables in an Hour with Times Tales - Educents Blog

The WriteShop program helps older children to grasp the basics of composition and editing. Designed for sixth to eighth grade, the thirty lessons go over the...

Top 11 Homeschool Games for Kids - Educents Blog

King Alfred’s English is a ‘living book’ for homeschool curriculum, suitable to teach and inspire simultaneously.

The Lifegiving Home is worth your time and attention as you start to think about the next year of homeschooling.

Want to try an online homeschool planner? Homeschool Planet is a comprehensive planner that will help you keep track of everything for your homeschool & family.

Homeschooling for Jesus

Invite master teachers into your homeschool and enjoy fantastic learning with homeschool video courses for multiple ages.