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#Homeschool rooms and all organizational tools. Strategies, tips and ideas for organizing all things home and homeschool.
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Use shelves to divide the room. . The ultimate list of kids playroom ideas. There are many different ideas for every child and their interests. Come see these amazing kids playrooms!

Check out how to easily make your own diy homework station bin with a shower caddy, tumblers and school supplies. organization, idea

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How to clear your desk of clutter, and then keep it that way with simple habits {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

Free printable home document retention cheatsheet with information about how long you should keep papers when decluttering so you can feel comfortable with what to keep versus to toss, shred or recycle {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

The first thing I did was purchase a few closet organization gadgets. These are normally for shoes but I used them to store the cleaning products we use most. If you are thinking about doing something like this make sure to put your money in strong ones since you are going to be adding a good amount of weight to them.n As you can see this is not a huge space BUT we have room for cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies, our ironing board, vacuum, mop, broom, and more… So awesome!

Are you ready to get your life organized once and for all? Help is here!

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Homemade screen cleaner recipe that is simple and frugal, only two ingredients! It works well on computer, laptop, smart phone, and tablet screens {on Stain Removal 101}

How to declutter owner's manuals and warranty documents, including what to keep versus to get rid of, and also tips for digitally organizing these manuals so you can get rid of even more paper clutter {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

Do you have trouble letting go of your clutter? Here are 6 different emotions that could be holding you back, and tips for how to break free of those feelings and get rid of your stuff. {on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

The perfect Finding Dory Chore Chart with incentive cheerful attitude bucks! It's FREE!

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Article explaining how long should you keep papers when decluttering files and documents from your home. There's a home document retention schedule you can reference, including a printable cheatsheet {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

Homeschool organization is important in homeschooling, and being a little organized will help a lot.Here are five tips for homeschool organization that will help you on your homeschool journey!

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Refrigerator storage chart plus guidelines so you know exactly where to place your food in your fridge to keep it fresh and safe the longest {courtesy of Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

Homeschooling with an Open Floor Plan and Keeping the Clutter Under Control

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If you're homeschooling on a budget, (and let's face it, most of us are!) there is ONE resource that you need to be using - the local library.

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List of some of the most common flat surface clutter problem areas, plus advice on how to conquer them {featured on Home Storage Solutions 101}

Home Storage Solutions 101

Organization ideas for your homeschool space from a variety of homeschools. From the kitchen table to dedicated spaces to organizing homeschool supplies!

If you are wondering what homeschool supplies you really need, a homeschooling veteran of more than 10 years and seven students spills the beans!

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Notebooking activities should be suitable for any age learner with some variation and any subjects you mention. Here are some points from the three stages.

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Middle school is the perfect time to introduce more independent learning. With a few simple tools you can help your middle school kids get organized. #SchoolYearReady #ad @Walmart

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If you desire an organized homeschool, start with simple routines. Don't miss this funny and inspiring interview with the FLYLady!

These are really clever toy organization ideas. I am off to try one now!

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Much better than counter or cabinet! Saves germ exchange since they will have their own "spot" too! And floss sticks will no longer roll around in the drawer! If only I had drawers in my bathroom. LOVE IT!!

Organize puzzles into zippered pouches