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Pretty obscure, working on it.

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Alu Steel Combi

Still unraveling the history of the Fischer Alu Steel series.

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Silverglass Senator

Finalizing details of the evolution of the Silverglass skis from Fischer.

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Superglass RSL

The story of the Superglass skis from Fischer is currently in the works.

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Superglass RSL

The story of the Superglass skis from Fischer is currently in the works.

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The Wedelking - It's a black metal sandwich ski. "Our test pair was suitable for the more athletic beginner, the slightly heavier intermediate, and the average advanced skier. The expert would find it very good in powder. Overall, it's easy turning for all conditions, but not tolerant of careless technique."

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S9000 3S

1S, 2S, 3S - the number of turns the ski makes in a given distance. Available in Power 5. 6, 7 and 8

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X-Scream Series

Do we really need to say wanything?

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This is a wood-glass-metal, Austrian-made, slalom ski utilizing Atomic's patented Bionic construction in which the load-carrying layer at the tip and tail (aluminum) becomes a divider for a two-part wood core in the middle of the ski. In a 1980 SKIING Magazine ski test, a 203-cm test model was found to be "easy to get into the turn, very quick from edge to edge, and had excellent edge grip on hard snow. A true carving slalom ski, it seemed to deliver increased performance with each increase…

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5500 Unlimited

This is the ultimate go-anywhere ski. It performs well on ice, powder, moguls and open terrain cruising. It's a smooth-turning ski with great forgiving characteristics. We've used super-strong carbon fibers in this ski to reduce overall weight Cracked steel edges give you superior edge holding on ice, and combined with a full-length urethane layer dampen vibrations for better ski to snow contact The 5500 features a soft shovel flex for good shock absorption in moguls and great flotation in…

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KVC Comp

This is our competition slalom triaxial. It has a superhigh-energy response, is lighter in weight than any competition skis and is extremely quick and responsive. It's ideal for athletic skiers who demand a combination of quick edge-to-edge response and stability at high speeds. The Kevlar fibers add extra strength to the ski without giving up sensitivity to the snow. It features an unbalanced flex, with a stiffer tail for acceleration out of a turn. And it has an ultra-high molecular weight…