Adventure Time

The "Adventure Time" Princesses

My mom pointed out the coolest thing about Adventure Time in regards to Leni watching it: It teaches her that every girl can be a princess, no matter how she looks or how much she has. I love that message :)MISSING FLAME PRINCESSS

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Makin' pancakes makin' bacon pancakes, make some bacon and i'll put it in a pancake, makin' pancakes that what it's gonna make, BACON PANCAAAAAKES!

Fantastic Adventure Time fan art. I'd like to have a Jake in my life haha #adventuretime #finn #jakethedog

Awesome Adventure Time fan art

Oh how Disney has grown up, cole sprouse

Oh how Disney has grown up, cole sprouse, love the fact he is cosplaying Finn the human!

Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO by on @deviantART

This was a project which didn't end so good. I finished the base of guitar and tried to transport it back to my home country before the con and guess wh. Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO

Finn + Fionna.

Aww finn and fionna haha cute. They would probably be be the best brother/sister friends and then they will duck each other