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Crayon Nail Art! Perfect for Back to School :)

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  • Christiana

    OMG I 💜 your channel. I have been subscribed to you for such a long time. It would mean the world to me if you followed me

  • Claudia Laux
    Claudia Laux

    Hey Sandi! I just wanted to tell you how much I love your nail tutorials on YouTube! You are such an inspiration! Keep up the good work and thank you!

  • Lydia Hunt
    Lydia Hunt

    I love your nail art! you are so creative ! I just did water marble nail art and I love it! thanks for your tutorials! please follow me! thanks!

  • Emma Donovan ♡
    Emma Donovan ♡

    I luv your videos! Your nail art is so amazing!😀

  • maryam atcha
    maryam atcha

    very creative love your vids!

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Create incredible nail art just by using temporary tattoos! :)

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  • Sunny Dae
    Sunny Dae

    I absolutely LOVE your nail art designs. You are so creative and amazing.

  • Shyanne Bieber💋
    Shyanne Bieber💋

    Super cute and clever!

  • Emma Bumann
    Emma Bumann

    Luv it... Please follow

  • Tahnie Wilkerson
    Tahnie Wilkerson

    I love you Sandi!!!!!!

  • Ava Jensen
    Ava Jensen

    hey i love to do your designs if u look on my cute nails board i did my toenails as the pandas u shoud how to make plz follow me hope to make more designs soon

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Adorable cupcake nails!

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  • marin

    I love you so much! If you could please please please follow me on Pinterest that would make me so happy!

  • Sonya Robertson
    Sonya Robertson

    So cute! I just wish I could get rid of the habit of biting my nails... gross

  • Lydia Hunt
    Lydia Hunt

    so cute! Please follow me! Thanks!

  • Cleo De Nile
    Cleo De Nile

    sandi i love your videos please please please follow me i want to meet u so bad and i live no where close to you so that is probably will not happen please follow me

  • Katie Amos
    Katie Amos

    I love you so much!!!

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DIY Music Nails!

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  • isabella kapriellian
    isabella kapriellian

    plz pin more tutourials

  • Elsa Nagle
    Elsa Nagle

    Oh my gosh I love all of your videos and cant wait for the next one! I do my nails everyday because of you and I always get comments on them! Thank you for all of your amazing ideas! :)

  • Raeann Grace
    Raeann Grace

    i love these wish i was that good at nails

  • Clayandthings

    Nail Critique

  • Ava Jensen
    Ava Jensen

    im going to try to do this design and take a pic to send it the only thing is i dont have long nails so i do them on my toe nails but i think it will be ok

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Learn how to create cute little Converse Shoes on your nails!

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  • Anna Betancourt
    Anna Betancourt

    Love this one!!!! I have to try it soon!

  • Gena Hrbek Lane
    Gena Hrbek Lane

    Melissa Bell, this makes me think of you.

  • Mya & Sarah Hardy
    Mya & Sarah Hardy

    Your so great at nail art! I love your YouTube channel

  • Ariana Beatriz
    Ariana Beatriz


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Learn how to create Water Marble Nail Art!

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  • abigail oates
    abigail oates

    omg this is so cute didnt turn out well for me :(

  • Sarah Bisson
    Sarah Bisson

    I love water marble it is so cool.

  • Hollin ❤
    Hollin ❤

    Tried. Failed. Oh well

  • Aija Mendoza
    Aija Mendoza

    Tried your technique out and my nails turned out just like your Water Marble, only in different colors. Thank you! :)

  • Lydia Hunt
    Lydia Hunt

    I did this it woks! thanks so much and please follow me!

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DIY Newspaper Nails!

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  • Lydia Lange
    Lydia Lange

    I did this and it's so easy! I was really surprised that i could do something that is so easy but looks so complicated

  • Katie Hall
    Katie Hall

    I was glad this one was so easy. Most of them are gorgeous but really hard, for me at least. This is one I can actually do! :)

  • Ellie

    LOVE them

  • Alexa Rockwell
    Alexa Rockwell

    these are so cool

  • Lydia Hunt
    Lydia Hunt

    this works very well! love it ! thanks and please follow me!

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Valentine's Sweetheart Plaid Nail Art

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  • Courtney Cutright
    Courtney Cutright

    Too cute!:)

  • Marithia Tillman-Waters
    Marithia Tillman-Waters


  • maggie Johnson
    maggie Johnson

    these r really cute

  • Lylani Phommarath
    Lylani Phommarath

    PERFECT for Valentine's Day

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