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CuteZcute creates bento & cute food cooking tools that allows everyone to create cute food fast. The small cut-outs can also be combined to make many different characters, for example, octopus, mustache, angry panda, angry pig and many more. You will find a lot of inspiration from many creative friends here. Tag us @Cutezcute .. Enjoy!
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Tired of packing just sandwiches for school lunch? Check this out! Dozens of easy non-sandwich school lunch ideas that would be perfect for making as part of a classroom cooking activity. Read more at:

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Want to create yummy lunches that your kids will love? We have 5 real tips for making back-to-school Bento Box Lunches, inspired by this summer’s hottest movie, Finding Dory. Thanks to Tum-E Yummies for collaborating for this sponsored post just in time f

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Packing lunches for school doesn't mean you have to compromise food standards. Learn how to pack school lunches with natural foods that your kids will love!

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