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The truth WILL come out and the child will see all of the evidence. They will see how you lied to them and alienated them from their dad and family. Stop Parental Alienation!

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September Mark

A divorce contract for parents. This is excellent and intelligent. kids hurt enough without parents dumping their baggage on them and using them as pawns. #whatgoodparentsdo

Necessary Play: A Divorce Contract Your Child Wants You to Sign

It's amazing what happens when the kids start to think for themselves. Someday, they will figure it out and it's too bad they have to feel the pain of finding out the "truth". Hating someone, denying your children, anger and trying to alienate their mother, father and family should be punishable by law, it's mental and emotional abuse.

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Judge offers excellent advice to divorced parents. Nail on the head for those verbally abusive exes and the family that inflicts the same behavior to innocent children.

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