I want to see this water

The clearest water in the world

Funny pictures about The Clearest Water In The World. Oh, and cool pics about The Clearest Water In The World. Also, The Clearest Water In The World photos.

Such a cute idea!

Great idea for traveling or road trips. Get a big map of the US, and take a picture when you visit a new state. Cut the picture out in the shape of the state, and glue to the map! I'm definitely doing this!

bucket list!

Before I die bucket list bucket-list Leave a note in a library book

Bucket list

Spend time volunteering in Africa. I really want to do this and help everyone in Africa or anywhere in the world really, I just want to make the world a better place and volunteering is just a small way to do so, that makes a huge difference -Maddy

Before I die...


[ ] walk in the Macy's Day parade. I watch it every Thanksgiving morning while cooking. ✔️ - was the pre-parade participant at the Emily Day parade. It's a start ♥️

Fake Swimming Pool. I would pretend to drown in this so i could see someone dive on to a solid surface.... (pinning for the comment)< omg

Media Art Design 4 - Project November 2012 - Fake Swimming pool installation in Japan by Erlich Empty space topped with thin layer of water over transparent glass