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Starecasing: With the StareCasing System three-step installation process, you just measure, cut and install. The patented tread and riser overlays fit over your existing staircase like a glove. No messy demolition. No guesswork. Just beautiful hardwood stairs. In a matter of hours, you can convert carpeted stairs to hardwood without the cost or hassle of total reconstruction.

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One of the projects at the top of my list this month was to replace the outdated brass light fixtures in Monkey Boy's bedroom and my craft room. Maybe brass fixtures were all the rage when this house was built 20 years ago, but let me tell you Bob, they...

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How To Clean a Dish Washer

Your dishwasher can get gross so making sure you clean your dishwasher is important. If you do not know what you are doing though you can really mess it up so follow these easy directions on how to clean your dishwasher.

8 Things You May Have Forgotten to Spring Clean

Spring cleaning is a great way to give your home a much-needed detox, but some things tend to get ignored year-round! Here are some of the top things in your home you might have forgotten!

Dixie Belle Blue Paint

All Dixie Belle paints have no VOC, are easy clean up (soap & water), and can be used on virtually any surface!  This mineral paint can be used on wood, met

Our bookcase made from an old gun cabinet. Replaced the glass with chicken wire, added some shelves, paint, and sold!