FREE - French Earth Day Mini-Book - le jour de la Terre en français - writing prompt and word search

French Earth Day - Le jour de la Terre - For French Immersion

Anchor Chart in French: les actions

Mlle. Nicolaes' Grade 1 Jolly Jumpers: Making French sentences

Comment ça bouge? Anchor Chart in French - simple machines - group cut and sort en français

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Nouns Anchor Charts in French - people, places, things, and animals

Nouns Anchor Charts in French - For French Immersion

Comptine amusante accompagnée d'activités sans préparation!

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Activités et comptine avec "le son o" Mots fréquents pour le mur de mots

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micaela delagarde looks like there are several of these videos in French. I thought you might be interested in them. Paroles_C'est la baleine

Comptines - C'est la baleine - Le Monde des Petits

How to know the gender of French nouns with 80% accuracy. --- Personnellement, en tant que française, je vous rassure : ce genre de fautes ne nous gêne pas du tout, cela ne vous empêchera pas de vous faire comprendre. Concentrez vous plutôt sur le vocabulaire et surtout les faux-amis, ils sont si nombreux !

How to know the gender of French nouns with 80% accuracy

How to Teach Sight Words Creatively

Beyond Flashcards: How to Teach Sight Words Creatively

Primary French Immersion Resources: Spring Daily 5/Centres

Primary French Immersion Resources: Spring Daily 5/Centres

Mrs. T's First Grade Class love this simple activity; die cut letters and a folded piece of paper (Digraphs)

Mrs. T's First Grade Class: sh Activities

This is a fabulous resource put together for parents of #FrImm children by the DDSB. If your child is starting French Immerion, download this! If you're teaching FI, send a link to parents!

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2nd and 1st Grade Smarty-Arties taught by the Groovy Grandma!: Compare and Contrast, Plural Nouns anchor chart, fall art

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Pédagogie positive : 10 phrases positives à dire aux enfants

I was wrong/mistaken = Je me suis trompé

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Singular and Plural Nouns anchor chart! (Notice the stinky feet... the students told me what to draw) :)

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Cassie Torie

expressions avec le mot coeur

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How to speak French, the French way! Learn some new French expressions today! The French language is so cool!

The 20 funniest French expressions (and how to use them)

Dice game to have students converse on diverse subjects

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PréPositions: Avant/Devant

Français langue étrangère: PRÉPOSITIONS: AVANT/DEVANT

Minions - Bon Anniversaire! We are playing this song/video whenever anyone has a birthday. Kids crack up! Love it!

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French games and activities. Check out the many different links.

French games and activities

These are posters that are created through examples given by the students in the classroom. This is an activity that will help students associate these phoneme pairs with words in their everyday vocabulary. It is a fun way to get children to actively participate in phonics instruction! Maggie Gomberg.

phonics anchor chart ideas

Talk in French: How to Ask Questions in French » Talk in French

How to Ask Questions in French - Talk in French


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