Before & After home renovation. A covered porch adds curb appeal. I cannot believe the difference! Beautiful job!

Craftsman versus Ranch Remodel Decisions

Before & After home renovation. A covered porch adds curb appeal. In case I ever remodel a ranch style house !

Nice, even though it's a pre-fab. I guess more people want to live in barns than barns are available to remodel. So many businesses selling pre-fab barn houses.

Love the classic and warm feeling of these timber framed barn styled homes by Barn Pros. I'd love it for a barn!

awesome images: Marie Antoinette's home built in 1783 - France.Destination: the World

Marie Antoinette's home built in 1783 - France. I like waterwheels, and would love to have one in my little dream cob/cottage

Rear view of the Moulin, the watermill cottage built for Marie Antoinette as an extension of the Petit Trianon, on the grounds of Versailles Palace. Although King Louis had the Petit Trianon built for his wife in 1774, it became associated with Marie Antoinette's perceived extravagances & excesses.

I loved Versailles. Actually, I love the thought of a time where there are people living in places like Versailles.Hamlet of Marie Antoinette, Versailles, France

Morton buildings - Residential

Learn about the numerous features Morton Buildings offers for horse barns, riding areas, and run-in shelters. There is a solution for any equestrian need.

Pole Barn House Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel, and Decor - page 5

Gambrel Horse Barn in Nebraska. This is so crazy but gorgeous and great storage. :O definitely a dream barn! Hope I can afford something HALF this nice in the future if I ever own my own stable.

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