Watch America's favorite teacher of guided reading, Jan Richardson, lead targeted lessons that accelerate reading growth for K--2 students. Jan demonstrates ...

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Crazy for First Grade: This lady has a lot of good resources, like this bookmark for learning to read!

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guided reading...nonfiction book 1st grade

First Grade Guided Reading Curriculum Night

If you are looking for an example of what a guided reading group working with the teacher looks and sounds like, don't look any further! This is a GREAT example of what the teacher-led Guided Reading looks like! (2nd Grade Guided Reading Day 1)

2nd Grade Guided Reading Day 1

Comprehension Notebook for 1st Grade...Must have for every 1st grade classroom

Fun in First Grade: Daily Comprehension Notebook

Great visual tool to show to parents. Shows what reading level students should be on for each 9 weeks for each grade K-6.

What the Teacher Wants!: Search results for reading levels

How to Make the Most of Your Guided Reading Lessons by First Grade Garden

How to Make the Most of Your Guided Reading Lessons

Guided Reading Levels by Grade

First Grade Essentials and What I Have Learned in my 15 Years as a First Grade Teacher | Erica's Ed-Ventures

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness - What is it?

Phonological Awareness - K-3 Teacher Resources

Phonological Awareness Chart

Expanding Horizons Conference 2000 Assistive Technology & Literacy

letters to parents about literacy


Phonemic Awareness - Reading Skills Pyramid - Pre-Reading Skills

Phonemic Awareness - Reading Skills Pyramid - Pre-Reading Skills

Phonological Awareness...this is exactly what I needed...where have you been all this time!

Phonological Awareness

▶ Breaking Words (Clusters) Component of Reading Recovery - YouTube

Breaking Words (Clusters) Component of Reading Recovery

what a week of reading comprehension instruction can look like, gradual release of responsibility from teacher to students

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Children learn to read and write using Reading Recovery techniques as they stretch words and sequence sounds.

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Word Work, the Reading Recovery Way - Pt. 2

Itsabouttimeteachers: Word Work, the Reading Recovery Way - Pt. 2

Reading Recovery Website- some great ideas

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Here you'll find many practical ideas and strategies to help students with a learning difficulty, such as dyslexia, learn to read and spell.

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This website gives you specific books for every reading strategy

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Write-on bookmarks are a simple way students can engage with text, specify the place they used a strategy or learned something new, and use images as a reminder of what they should be writing about. (Read the entire post for more ideas about making reading strategies stick with Kindergarten and first grade students)

5 Ways To Help Primary Students Apply Reading Strategies Independently - Learning at the Primary Pond
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Research also states that merely reading and talking about a book is not sufficient. Students must frequently engage in comprehension activities that asked them to analyze the text. We analyze the text when we are making predictions, inferences, connections, and describing characters. Yes! We can do this in kindergarten and first grade – here's how!:

Interactive Read Alouds, Assessments, and a BIG giveaway


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Guided Reading - tons of ideas to use for guided reading tools

The Teachers' Cauldron: Guided Reading "Toolbox" Linky!