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Chris Wild
Chris Wild
Chris Wild

Chris Wild

Wonderful Doctor Who quote

DC Keeps Struggling To Make Good Films

Cliche #0005: How long do we have to wait for a new episode?-The title says it all.

The Silence (Dr. Who) - species that is a combination of the Roslyn UFO creature and the "men in black" alien phenomena. When you stop looking at them you completely forget they ever existed. Awesome concept.

Ten bucks says he does it.

capesandcrafts cross stitch needlepoint. Two of my favorite things combined.

Inspiring quote told in My Little Pony fanart - via reddit

You can get a personalized mug. With your name. In Gallifreyan. And it GLOWS IN THE DARK. Oh, and it's under $20.

Super Mario. I always thought it was funny, the parallel between Thor/Loki and Mario/Luigi!!

Rory Williams Can Survive Supernatural

too awesome not to make


The joy I get from this cannot be put into words.<---I don't even like chemistry and I love this

How to make a water buffalo.

Chris Pratt is adorable

Fantasy Football Dungeons And Dragons For Jocks

over and over again.

A normal person sees a chick tallying the days in the egg, much as a person might tally the days they are in prison. I, however, wonder how the heck the Silence got inside an egg.

Dr. Watson

Favorite Castle Scene

I think someone somewhere owes a math teacher an apology for thinking the class would never be used in real life...

Emotional Mixer