More Weaved Heart Basket Patterns - Much more challenging but would look great on a tree.  The cool thing about them, is you can staple a handle on them and then fill with treats and hang on Christmas tree.

scandinavian idea - Paper weaving hearts - I remember doing these when I was little - need to teach the kiddos

Heart basket patterns

Variations on danish Christmas paper hearts. The paper hearts and cones were originally used to hold small round cinnamon cookies, referrred to as peppernuts (if translated directly) and raisins as treats on the Christmas tree.

The third chakra is located in the region of the abdomen and includes the organs of the stomach, liver, pancreas, upper intestines, and adrenals as well as the mid thoracic.

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Image: Worldviews: Which one is yours?

Part Why your worldview impacts everything in your life.

Image: Worldviews: What are they? Does everyone have one?

Part Why your worldview impacts everything in your life.

Help! I Hate My Corps!

Help! I Hate My Corps!