Craig Winger
Craig Winger
Craig Winger

Craig Winger

if you choose to live in the past at least pick one you are proud of or show courage.

the primary decision every minute.

the eternal struggle of the mind

It is too bad our current educational system judges all children with standardized trees.

wonder if my dad could help me convert my pantry into this amazing one.

The Best Taco Seasoning Recipe Ever by accidentalmommies: Toss the packets forever. #Taco_Seasoning #Spices #accidentalmommies

Crockpot Mexican Lasagna- must try!

I love Dr. Seuss quotes

He did not die, just departed, moved on.

Words to live by. the telltale sign of our degree of awareness.

I can name people for all of these. :)

this is not the end of the story...

The absolute truth!