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Food Typography – Les créations de Danielle Evans

(by Paisley patches (coming and going))

Famous photographer and storm chaser Ryan McGinnis captured these stunning pictures of an arcus cloud that rolled just north of Kearney, Nebraska, on August 7th. This sweet storm’s amazing appearance is the result of great storm structure and perfect lighting, with the sun going down behind the storm and illuminating the cloud with an orange glow.

Some lovely places!

black coffee or fire coktail ?

Cherbourg Panorama 50x150cm by EtienneBRETTEVILLE on Etsy, €50.00

Cherbourg Panorama 30x90cm by EtienneBRETTEVILLE on Etsy, €30.00

Cathedral Peak in Yosemite National Park.

"Get me one of them Angus Mushroom and Swiss meals with the--- no, wait. It's almost beach season. Better get me the Southwest Chicken Salad. Extra ranch, though. With a large fry-No... Just a small fry, I guess. And maybe a hot chocolate, large, no whip for dessert..."