Combed Quilling tutorial

Combed Quilling tutorial by Svetlana Belova process: Quilling makes such beautiful art.LOVE this idea.makes it easier. (Link not in English)


I have always loved quilling - Basic Quilling Tutorial by ~johannachambers on deviantART so want to try this


Crafting Creatures: Quilled Heart Full O tutorial for making this heart full of flowers!

rose heart

Paper quilling is a great way to add some unexpected texture to your scrapbooking and card making projects? Interested in learning this fun paper craft technique? Here are some tips for getting started, plus some inspiring projects to try!

quilling - monogram A

Quilled Paisley Monogram Tutorial

now *THIS* is quilling!

"The Magic is in the Telling" - paper quilled art by Yulia Brodskaya (pure white)

"Bouquet Royale" (center of), finished (soon) 2015 Margaret Solomon Gunn

Margaret Solomon Gunn quilt "Bouquet Royale" (center of), finished (soon) 2015 Quilts of Love AMAZING WORK

paper sculpture

Paper Art - 100 Extraordinary Examples of Paper Art

This is a super cool DIY project! It is a beautiful flower made simply from paper. If you are a DIY nerd like I am this is a project that you should definitely take on and enjoy!


A good list of free Christmas quilling patterns available. If you know of others- please submit!