I usually don’t plug paid apps in these e-mails, but there is a new app(s) that you may be interested in. The app is GoWorksheet Maker and GoWorksheet. These apps take printed classroom worksheets and tests and makes them accessible with an iPad! You can import images or take a photo of the worksheet, and customize it for your student's needs. You then can add word banks, allowance of tapping to fill multiple choice answers, drag and drop answers, or audio output that includes more detailed ...

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Seesaw: Seesaw the wonderful free site/app (Android, iOS, etc) for students making digital portfolios has just released their biggest update so far. Students can upload photos, videos, PDFs, or even create their own digital content for their portfolio. Educators can manage, monitor, and organize student work in folders, flag items, and invite parents to view their student's work. Student Driven Digital Portfolios Sign up free!

IPads - YouTube, made with Tellagami, and iMovie and a couple other apps.

Forge - Build Your Ideas: Brainstorm. Sketch. Organize. by Adonit Corp. #ded318

Taking notes isn’t limited to putting pencil to paper and writing in outline form. There are plenty of other ways to take notes, especially ...#ded318

iPads in the Classroom paper.li by Cyndi Danner-Kuhn , Lots of news about iPads. #ded318

Noteshelf - Take Notes, Sketch, Annotate, Evernote Sync by Fluid Touch Pte. Ltd.

2 Teachers have 9 Thoughts as iPad Turns 5! IntroductionThe iPad was first introduced almost exactly five years ago (February, 2010). Has time ever flown by! I remember the first impressions were mostly somewhat negative, and people wondered...

Tom daccord's presentation on "What The Best iPad Teachers Do" at EdTech Teacher IPad conference was terrific! There are some amazing teachers out there! #ipad #ettipad

Elementary Classroom iPad Starter Pack from teachers Pay Teachers FREE

15 apps that work great with a one iPad setup AND help to keep kids on task and engaged with what you are learning.

Higher Level Thinking with iPads in Lower Elementary

This lady's site has a TON of apps for the 1st grade classroom. Apps from phonics, spelling, science, math, writing and MUCH more!!

70 iPad Apps for Elementary STEM

Algebra Tiles 99¢, pretty good app according to Math teachers.

Why recommend the iPad for schools? This blog is nearly 2 years old and I thought it was time to revisit the reason for its existence. I am still teaching 11 to 18 year-olds ev...

Running Record Apps for the Classroom Android and Apple IOS

41 Apps One 4th Grade Teacher Depends On

Analyzing iPad Myths in Education

The Grade 6 iPad Project: These are reflections of our 1:1 iPad Project for 2013 - 14. We are grateful for a grant from the Ministry of Education's Teacher Learning and Leadership Program. My students and I will be exploring the use of iPads to engage learners in reflective, interactive documentation of their learning journey.

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