Styro foam sculpture made from recycled cups

Sacred Geometry <3 [from "A Handbook of Ornament" 1920 free PDF from]

Internet Archive

This is a great picture to own. Quality image that will bring some style and color to your space limited edition Moroccan turquoise tile original


Excellent video showing how to do gyotaku art with kids. Will do this, using replica rubber fish in class!

Do Art!: Underwater Self Portrait

Kim & Karen: 2 Soul Sisters: Red, White and Blue Op Art, Maclay Middle School Art

could be very cool drawing lesson

Great holiday art project to do in class.

Intro to pastels for kids: blending with oil pastels. I teach blending, but have never offered an activity sheet to practice like this... It make be very useful for differentiation, to help students that may otherwise struggle with understanding blending. It could also act as a means of assessment to gauge their understanding.

Art For Kids Hub

Johanna Burai acrylic painting

Honestly WTF

The Marksburg

How to Draw Fish



This is a video about drawing with two point perspective.

How to draw a castle - spoken tutorial❤️

2nd grade - watercolor watermelons- Overlapping


Design your own fabulous flipflops, make several pairs into funky bunting or summer wall art. Free to download

Check out, "Roll-An-Aboriginal-Dreaming Game - Multicultural Collage Art Activity!" It's a fun game you can play with your upper elementary students to create a collage/painting using neutral colors. #education #aboriginal #aborigines #australia #teacherspayteachers #arted

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Roll-A-Masterpiece: Henri Matisse Art History Game - Collage Cut Outs Sub Ideas #arted #arts #matisse #teacherspayteachers #artgame #arthistory

Teachers Pay Teachers

The Lost Sock: Prescription of Peace

Still life: draw the complete outline of each object, even items that are behind other objects, as if you have x-ray vision

Draw a close up of candy boxes

Collage faces start collecting magz now!