These are some beautiful quotes to read when you are depressed, sad or just need a little bit of motivation! Love yourself, read them, raise and shine!

100 Inspirational Quotes For Girls On Strength And Confidence

10 inspiring quotes about healthy and strong relationship - Mental & Body Care

10 inspiring quotes about healthy and strong relationship - Mental & Body Care

Pry it open with your love.


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♡ Breakfast at Shawna's ♡

8 Ways to Stop the Silly Things from Stealing Your Happiness

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70 Flirty, Sexy, Romantic - Love and Relationship Quotes 2016

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The Gentleman's Guide - Never give her a reason to doubt your feelings for her.

The Gentleman's Guide

A serious girl, when she finds someone who calms her spirit and quiets her busy thoughts, will love you so fiercely, it will defy even her own logic and reasoning.

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Quote about strength and weakness

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Be the bigger person and know that its not about you.

Everyone deserves a perfect world!

Very beautiful, I love how insecure this person acts. My confidence and happiness makes her feel little. I Love being the bigger person.

20 Amazing Quotes That Will Change Your Outlook On Life!

extramadness: More quotes about life here

extramadness: More quotes about life here - Surfbaby

Abraham Hicks

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The true feelings we feel when someone we love dies.

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Hubby says this ALL the time...not that he dont notice every thing other men notice...Just not worth losing what he got chasing something else...Makes sense to me...because I feel the same way.... #ActionsSpeakLouderThanWords

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He is everyoneof these things and i LOVE him for it. hes perfect for me

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I agree

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hplyrikz: “Have you ever sacrificed so much for one person? Just to see them happy even if you’re hurting on the inside? Then they just leave like nothing happened, like all those years you spent...

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Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, nor weakness. #quotes

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My 3 Monsters: Free Printables: Inspirational Quotes

Free Printables: Inspirational Quotes

Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to your neighbor, for we are all members of one body. Ephesians 4:25

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We all bleed the same colour. - Odkrywaj, kolekcjonuj, inspiruj

you tell him WEEZY ♥

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