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The Prince of Wales hosts the legendary 19th Century Gathering of the Clans. Identified in the print are the Chieftains of the following Clans: Cameron, Campbell, Chisholm, Farquharson, Fraser, Forbes, Gordon, Graham, MacDonald, MacDonnell, MacFarlane, MacGregor, MacIntosh, MacKenzie, MacLachlan, MacLean, MacNab, MacPherson, MacRae, Munro, Murray, Ross, Scott, Stewart, Sutherland.


The Clan MacGregor had been outlawed and the very name forbidden after the Battle of Glenfruin (1603) until the end of the 18th Century, and the family used the name of Murray. John MacGregor, alias Murray, amassed a great fortune in the early 18th Century, and although he privately favoured the Stewart cause, he was not 'out' in the Rising of 1715. He married Catherine, daughter of Hugh Campbell of Lix, and had five sons, of whom the fourth succeeded him. This was Ewan, ADC to Prince Charl...

Autumn view of Loch Katrine.Clan lands of MacGregors, MacNaughton, MacLaren & Drummond

Rob Roy MacGregor (1671-1734) was a famous Scottish folk hero. He was the third son of Donald Glas of Glengyle and Margaret Campbell. As the son of a senior member of the clan, he was well educated, not just in reading and writing but in the crafts of fighting and swordsmanship. While Gaelic was his native tounge, he spoke (and wrote) in English also.

Famous Scots - Rob Roy MacGregor

clan gregor castles | and site of the execution of Gregor Roy MacGregor in 1570.

Highland Clans - Episode 1 - MacGregor (3 /3)

Rob Roy MacGregor's Grave. MacGregor's and MacAlpin's are brother clans.

clan gregor castles | Clan MacGregor, their Castle and information.

Monument marking the site of the Battle of Glen Fruin - fought on Feb 9,1603 between Clan Gregor & Clan Colquhoun. Two MacGregor clansmen were forced to spend a night on Colquhoun lands & after being refused shelter, the two MacGregors found an abandoned outhouse & slaughtered a sheep to eat. They were discovered & sentenced to death. The chief of Clan Gregor, Alasdair MacGregor of Glenstrae, led 300 to 400 men the Colquhoun lands to avenge the slain Clansmen.

Duncan MacGregor, painted in 1868. Shown wearing a kilt and hose of Rob Roy tartan, with the MacGregor crest and badge. He has a badger sporran and an unusual design of bonnet with a single row of red dice on the brim.

Clan MacGregor, their Castle and information.

Meggernie Castle home of Clan MacGregor

MacGregor Grave Memorial, Lochaber - "Buried Here are some MacGregors Put to Death About 1612 by Alistair - Nan - Cleas 10th Chief of Keppoch"

Rustic mausoleum in the woods for the MacGregor clan in Balquhidder, Scotland. It is behind a stone wall with a locked gate on the way to the grave site of Rob Roy MacGregor.

clan gregor castles | Clan MacGregor, their Castle and information.

Kilchurn Castle ruins, Loch Awe, in Argyll and Bute - the Castle was built ca. 1450 by Sir Colin Campbell, first Lord of Glenorchy on lands that had originally belonged to the MacGregor Clan.

Detail of portrait of Grand Duke Konstantin Nikolaevich (1827 - 1892) at the age of 32. Second son of Tsar Nicholas I, one of the most liberal of the Romanovs, and great-great grandfather of the current Prince of Wales. (Franz Xavier Winterhalter 1859)

Josephine Baker in Paris qui remue, 1930 by Black History Album, via Flickr

the “heads” on Easter Island have bodies...

Crown and Orb of Tsar Michael Romanov, Imperial Russian Crown Jewels

female soviet snipers May 1945

Roza Yegorovna Shanina (WWII, Russian Army) became the first Soviet female sniper to be awarded the Order of Glory and the first servicewoman of the 3rd Belorussian Front to receive it. Shanina died during the East Prussian Offensive while shielding the heavily wounded commander of an artillery unit.