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Frigga, Odin's wife and the AllMother. She spins the thread supplied to her by the Norns (the Norse equivalent of the Fates). She's also a goddess of hearth, home, and childbirth. Frigg (pronounced “FRIG;” Old NorseFrigg, “Beloved”[1]), sometimes Anglicized as “Frigga,” is the highest-ranking of theAesir goddesses. She’s the wife of Odin, the chief of the gods, and the mother ofBaldur.

Brigid - goddess of change, of creativity, of life and rebirth - Imbolc and the Sacred Feminine See more at:

Isis The feminine archetype for creation, the goddess of fertility and motherhood. She represents our feminine aspects - creation, rebirth, ascension, intuition, psychic abilities, higher chakras, higher frequency vibrations, love and compassion. She is the Yin energy, the mother nurturer, the High Priestess, the essence of the feminine energy, which is part of us all. Isis was a magician. She learned her magic from Thoth, although according to some legends, she obtained her powers from Ra h

"Vesna is the old Slavic goddess of Spring and awakening. Her name means messenger. She was a protector of Her people, especially the women. She returns from the Underworld at the Vernal Equinox, bringing Springtime along with Her."

In Sumerian mythology, Nanshe' was the daughter of Enki (God of Wisdom, Magic and Fresh Water) and Ninhursag (Earth and Mother Goddess). Her functions as a Goddess were varied. She was a Goddess of Social Justice, Prophecy, Fertility and Fishing. Like her father, she was heavily associated with water. She held dominion over the Persian Gulf and all the animals within.

Lamia- often associated with Medusa or Lilith, she was a snake goddess from Crete who ruled the Underworld.

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