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The Rubber Band Method of Child Discipline - It isn't what you think! How to discipline a child with ADHD.

How To Discipline A Child - The Rubber Band Method | LJSkool

Adorable free printable chore charts to help keep the kiddos organized! | JustAGirlAndHerBl...

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Teaching Kids about Money and Responsibility via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Teaching kids about money & responsibility |

Authentic Parenting: My Child Doesn't Listen - 6 Mistakes You Might be Making and How to Change Them

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10 tips for better behavior - positiveparenting...

Start with 10 tips for better behavior - Positive Parenting Solutions

'Parenting a Strong-Willed Child' [From 'The Gentle Parent: Positive, Practical, Effective Discipline' by L.R.Knost] www.littleheartsb...

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Such a great list of fun ways to connect with your kids -- they'll love it

8 Immature Games That Help You Connect With Your Children

Get kids to stop arguing with you and talking back (within a week!)

get kids to stop arguing

As moms, we want to share our hearts with our children. Sometimes words fail us. Or, we talk and our children -- especially as they get older -- just don't seem to listen. I found tremendous success in this method of communication with my daughter. She started listening. And it made all the difference. Read this post to find out more!

a different way to speak so your child will listen


21 Ways to Stop Yelling - Little Us

To being a better mommy💕

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reward system based on 'real world' -- kids earn chips for good behaviors and chores, then turn them in for things they want. they also lose chips for behaviors that aren't acceptable.

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FREE Superhero Chore Charts with bucks! Super cute with a attitude check off! Love this!

FREE Lego Superhero Chore Chart! - Blessed Beyond A Doubt

A hilarious look on the bright side of the parenthood.

20 Problems You Don't have to Worry About if you Have Children -

Target's Toy Emporium - Chaos & Love

Having a good quiet bag or a church bag can mean the difference between both you and your child enjoying the meeting, or a LOT of grief. #pullingcurls

Quiet Bags - Pulling Curls

Tons of handprint art ideas for kids

handprint art ideas

adidas - Marvel Avengers Logo Shoes

adidas Marvel Avengers Logo Shoes - Black | adidas US

Don't Disturb This Groove: cabinet drawer cup pull used to hold push pins on a bulletin board

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DIY memo board! {Use cork board/tiles or ceiling tiles covered with fabric, ribbon & buttons}

DIY Fabric Photo Board! {ditto} DIY - Surviving The Stores™

"How to make a memory board." Wow, great timing! I was just trying to figure out how to make a pincushion using a ribbon I love to help tuft it! A little more foam and I have a winner!

Smart DIY: Use Office Supplies to Make a French Memory Board

Easy Fabric Cork Board Craft! Cute for kids rooms!

Easy Fabric Cork Board Craft - Mastering DIY

How to Keep Calm - the 1 to 10 trick. Such a helpful parenting tip!

How to Keep Calm: The 1 to 10 Parenting Trick - Playdough To Plato

Interesting... How to raise a successful, happy, cooperative child, while disciplining less. In 5 simple steps.

Getting Started

So how you do you handle giving your growing tween what is needed? To give the knowledge you have....but also the space they need to process it. Such wise and helpful advice here! How to Teach A Tween Who Already Knows It All ~ Club31Women

How To Teach a Tween - That Already Knows It All - Club 31 Women