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several pots and bowls sit on shelves in a room with black shelving, one is empty
Annabell Kutucu - Casa Cook Rhodes
Annabell Kutucu
an open wooden door in a white room with a chair and rug on the floor
natural wood love (Méchant Design)
natural wood love (via Bloglovin.com )
there is a ball of yarn on top of some books and a potted plant
A funky wall cabinet gallery... with names
Stacked old books and twine wrapped orb - part of a funky wall cabinet gallery reveal via : http://www.funkyjunkinteriors.net/
an old green door with purple flowers growing on it
Weekend getaway in Beautiful Jordan Ontario... faded and fabulous inspiration
Faded & Fabulous Doorway… CynthiaWeber.com
an old wooden bench sitting in front of a gate with circular mirrors on it's sides
Weekend getaway in Beautiful Jordan Ontario... faded and fabulous inspiration
Salvaged window
an old wooden clock hanging from the side of a white wall next to a kitchen counter
Exceptionally Eclectic - Flea Market Filled Fabulous House Tour
Flea Market Fabulous house tour - you don't want to miss this!
an old green clock in the middle of a store
Home Improvement, Home Repair And Home Renovation
architectural salvage
a table that is in the middle of a living room with some books on it
architectural salvage
a dining room with a chandelier hanging from the ceiling and table set for four
403 Forbidden
shabby and chic
a living room filled with furniture next to a wall covered in plates and vases
feminine bohemian chic
there is a white wooden bench on the grass
Christie Antique Show
Christie Antique Show via Desire to Decorate (5)
a couch with a blanket on top of it in front of a basket hanging from the wall
an ornately decorated living room is shown in this image, with pink and gold accents
burlap stenciled wall/in love @TheDailyBasics love
a room filled with lots of books and furniture
inspires creative expression