Really a clever way of using a tattoo to have fun with a scar.

Zipper Around Scar tattoo. This looks so gross! Why would you draw attention to the scar? People probably barely even notice it.Unless its outlined in permanent zipper-like ink.

don't like tattoos but this is very unique and well done

Funny pictures about Now that's a crazy tattoo. Oh, and cool pics about Now that's a crazy tattoo. Also, Now that's a crazy tattoo.

its backwards, but awesome

American flag tattoos are probably amongst the most popular flag tattoos in the world, nobody in the west does patriotism quite like the USA! Anybody who lives in the USA or those who have visited in the past will know exactly what we mean.


Well, I guess if you got half an arm, a shark tattoo isn't such a bad idea. Of course, having half an arm due to a shark attack only adds to the story. Ya gotta have a sense of humor about things or you'll never make it in life!

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