Original Paintings by Cynthia Shaw

Mixed media art created by Colorado-born, now living in Brooklyn artist, Cynthia Shaw. www.CynthiaShawCreations.com
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an abstract painting of trees with colorful designs
an abstract painting with colorful flowers on it
a painting of a tree with a barn in the background and a bird sitting on top of it
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Horse Cave Barn This painting is inspired by a barn I saw in Horse Cave, Kentucky, when I was performing there at Kentucky Repertory Theatre.
an abstract painting with green and red colors
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Underwater Fantasy This painting started out as another collage work a few years ago. But I always felt it was incomplete. Now I've painted more and more of it and worked on the layering of light. Now I think it's finished!
a painting of a tree with many words written on it and stars in the sky
Credo in Unum Deum I have a beautiful picture of tree that I love so much I keep painting it! In this iteration I've combined the text from the Credo of the mass to make up the branches and ground of the work.
a chair sitting in front of a wall covered in pictures and flowers with a dog laying on top of it
Mixed Media Collage Art the Parlour Chair | Etsy
The Parlour Chair A darling little dog sits on a decorative chair in a flower-filled library. An original acrylic and paper painting on canvas
an abstract painting on a wall next to a small box
Mixed Media Collage tiger's Eye | Etsy
Mixed Media Collage "Tiger's Eye" by CynthiaShawCreations on Etsy
a painting is hanging on a clothes line next to a dresser with drawers and cabinets
Mixed Media Collage Art parrot Eyes | Etsy
Mixed Media Collage Art "Parrot Eyes" by CynthiaShawCreations on Etsy