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9th grade vocabulary image support for the list starting with the word CAJOLE


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One more famous quote using our vocabulary! If you are destitute of friends, you are alone. You don't have to worry about that at Walsingham.

This family is destitute. If you're a history buff, you might remember this famous image from the Great Depression from your middle school studies.

If you are destitute, you would be living in a state of destitution. This is a variation of our word destitute. Sometimes when you google image search, you might get a form of our word rather than the exact match. Then, you have to check your usage.

The destitute American man they just walked by is invisible to them. I found this cartoon by google image searching the word destitute. To be destitute is to be lacking in the basic necessities of life including food, shelter, and clothing.

This quote explains that always waiting for something in the future is an impediment to living fully now. You can find famous quotes with our vocabulary words like this one by performing a google image search on the vocabulary word. The URL where I found this quote is on the picture. Next time, I'll pin directly from the site rather than saving to my camera roll.

This image from illustrates use of the word impediment as relates to speech impediment. A person who has a speech impediment has difficulty speaking. The movie "The King's Speech" is a biography of a king with such an impediment.

An impediment is an obstacle that keeps you from reaching a place or a goal. The speed bumps in the Walsingham circle serve as impediments to keep people from speeding. I had a more difficult time finding an image, but this one shows how someone in business might create a chart for a meeting and list impediments the group faces.

To supplicate

Supplicate - a google image search result

To supplicate is to prayerfully ask. You have learned to entreat, implore, induce, cajole, and now supplicate. You should have a slightly different image in your mind for each of these words. You can see I found this image by google image searching supplicate which led me to

People who vacillate cannot make a decision.

Another google image search for the word vacillate!

I found this image when I google image searched the word vacillate. You can easily search cartoons which explain vocabulary words. Next time, I will pin from the site rather than my camera roll so you'll be able to connect to the link.

To vacillate means to waver back and forth rather than make a decision. The website where you can find pictures like this for various vocabulary words appears on the picture. Next time, I'll pin directly from the we page to create the easy link.

A famous supermodel named Twiggy made the rail-thin, emaciated look popular in the fashion world. The long-lasting impact of such views of beauty are regularly discussed. The recent Dove campaign about beauty comes in response to widespread perceptions of beauty in which only those who are thin are considered attractive.

If you're an animal lover, you will be incensed by this photo of an emaciated dog.

When I google image searched the word emaciated, I linked to this picture. The picture connected to a story about an exchange student who indicated his host family did not give him enough food.

It would actually take more than a week to become emaciated. Someone who is emaciated is terribly gaunt, thin, and probably looks sick. People can become emaciated if they are destitute or if they suffer from an eating disorder.

You can actually google and find a book called "Terse Verse" which is a collection of limericks. I found this terse verse when I google imaged the word terse.

People who can't text, like parents, may appear to have "Terse Reply Syndrome" when responding. K.


Although the word terse means to be brief and to the point, the word has a more negative connotation than concise or succinct. People who answer in a terse manner may be considered rude.

Students who expect rewards are less likely to succeed than those who are motivated from within. Those who are self-motivated are more successful than those who need extrinsic rewards.

Intrinsic values come from within.

Frugal or tight-fisted? This person does not want to let go of his money.