Surrender the Stars (Rakes & Rebels: The Raveneau Family, Book 4)

Renegade sea captain Ryan Coleraine joins the Raveneau family for a dangerous adventure in 1814 London, masquerading as the "brother" to beautiful, headstrong Lindsay Raveneau.
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Lindsay went to the dinner for the Prince Regent at Radcliffe Camera (left)  Historic Catte Street, leading to Radcliffe Square, Oxford, England (by Isisbridge on Flickr)

Historic Catte Street, leading to Radcliffe Square, Oxford, England. Centre of beautiful Oxford

Essex, CT, the opening setting for Surrender the Stars.

New England Style, Essex, CT, Fall, white picked fence

As I imagined Ryan's childhood home - Republic of Ireland, Galway County, Connemara, castle at Clifden

Republic of Ireland, Galway County, Connemara, castle at Clifden. I wana visit ireland!

Andre & Devon Raveneau's bedroom in their London home.

Bedrooms Spencer-Churchill Designs Ltd.

Essex, Connecticut & the Connecticut River

Take me to Essex, Connecticut

An image for Ryan's bedroom in the Raveneau's London home.

Chintz of Darkness: Greenhouse Effect


1813 evening dress ackermann via Jane Austen's World

Griswold Inn 	    Date Opened: 1776    Location: Essex, CT    The brass-bell and maritime-painting-bedecked Griswold Inn resides in a quaint colonial harbor town located about 40 miles from Hartford. The "Gris," as it's known by locals, has served George Washington, Mark Twain, Albert Einstein, and Katharine Hepburn, in addition to countless whalers, fishermen, steamboat captains, and townspeople.

Oldest Restaurants and Bars

The oldest restaurant in every state of the US: Here is Griswold Inn in Essex, CT, 1776

The dreaming spires of Oxford, where several scenes of Surrender the Stars are set.

The World's Most Beautiful College Campuses

Oxford :) The best semester of my education.New College Oxford University 1974

This is the way I envision Mouette Raveneau

Kate Beckinsale, Emma Woodhouse - Emma directed by Diarmuid Lawrence (TV Movie,

English Regency Ball Dress, 1814, from SceneInThePast, via Flickr

English Regency Ball Dress, from SceneInThePast, much like what Amelia and her friends would have worn

George IV, King of Great Britain, Ireland, and Hanover (born 1762, acceded 1820, died 1830), painting (1814), by Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830).

The Regency era in the United Kingdom is the period between when King George III was mentally unfit to rule and his son, the Prince of Wales, ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent. Prince Regent became George IV on the death of his father.

White's mens' club in London, where Regency dandies like Beau Brummel gatheredin the famous bow window. Ryan had to pass muster at White's if he was going to be believed in his role/disguise as a fop.

White's (a gentleman's club in London, founded in and originally known as White's Chocolate House). While visiting in 2000 some wonderful tour guides on a double decker took a detour to show us this illustrious place. Not the infamous bow window.

Punting in Oxford... as Lindsay was persuaded to do with Dudley Fanshawe...

Punting in Oxford. as Lindsay was persuaded to do with Dudley Fanshawe.

Almack's, where Ryan and Lindsay dance the waltz when it was first introduced in London.

Almack's Assembly Rooms, known merely as Almack's, was a social club that opened in London on King Street in St. James and operated from 20 February 1765

Essex, CT | Main Street | Connecticut |

Essex, CT | Main Street | Connecticut |