Cynthia Kelly

Cynthia Kelly

Florence, Alabama / Silicon Valley is nice, but I'm a Tennessee Valley girl. I like world news, music, business, politics, renewable energy, and wind energy.
Cynthia Kelly
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Krishna Temple door - INDIA

the krishna temple door in india. it is well known for its carved temple door panels. the panels represent different ideologies that exist within the religion.

The beautiful women from Wancho tribe clad in their traditional dress who belongs to a state called Arunachal from North East India

India is the mother of many traditions, culture and customs. There are different kind of people living in India. Difference in race, co.

Arrangements of hair and face(face includes eyes, eyebrows, nose, lips, ears, forehead) is natural attraction from ladies, women and girls in the social. Healthgenie brings biggest discount on the occasion of "Vasant Utsav day in Bharat" .

This is a festival I have always wanted to attend. Holi in India. Incredible photography by Poras Chaudhary of "Holi," the Hindu festival known as the Celebration of Colors.