repurposed rebar fiddlehead fern garden stakes

repurposed rebar fiddlehead fern garden stakes - would be great for hose-guards - Artsy Gardens

Some impressions from #HarleyDays in #Hamburg #Germany in 2013 | #motorcycle #custom #moto #chopper #custom #bike < pinned by | You want more?

Okay another one for the shed guys and gals - What can you do with clllllll those washers? - Metal art - Striking metal creation (sorry the play on words) of a cobra snake. Impressive and lovely -- and I'm not even fond of snakes.

Steampunk cat

Joking Hazard

Cats in Art, Illustration and Sculpture: Futuristic Robot Mechanical Cat Figurine Cyborg Robotic Armour Plated Ornament

light made from a metal roof vent

Great idea for porch/outdoor kitchen. old attic fan turned pendant light HaHa I can't keep one of these on my house because of the wind NOW I know what to do with ther old ones

Steampunk Tendencies ~ Mechanical Wolf by Andrew Chase

thegreenwolf: “ steampunktendencies: “ Mechanical Wolf by Andrew Chase ” Oh, daaaaaaaaamn. That combines several things relevant to my interests.

Garden art cow from recycled shovel and other metal pieces

shovel and more. Love it. So cute. Now I just gotta find someone who knows how to weld. I have to show this to my dad. When I lived at home he welded a duck out of a shovel and junk, lol. To funny

Rusty green man

Rusty green man image that a pinner burnt on wood and made a wall picture of it.

Wiener dog made from upcycled metal parts

Tall Grass, Really nice grill you have made there. I see cast iron parts like that broken up at the iron pour every year and try to save a few.

"Fried chicken" - Junkyard Animal Sculptures - ‘Yardbirds’ Are Scrappy Eco-Critters Created from Recyclabl (GALLERY)

Junkyard Animal Sculptures