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#aquascape #aquarium #観賞用水槽 (Via: The Magical World of Aquascaping/Living Terrariums (WITH PICTURES!) ) ほぉ...水槽の中の森。 底砂にK砂をどうぞ。

Absolutely stunning and amazing . exactly like a miniature forest and mountain landscape under water .

Trachyandra tortilis トラキアンドラ・トルチリス

Trachyandra tortilis Looks like Christmas ribbon candy!

憩いの場所をひとりじめ。2016年 自宅で"ベランダ・グランピング"がブームの予感 | by.S

憩いの場所をひとりじめ。2016年 自宅で"ベランダ・グランピング"がブームの予感 | by.S

大塚呉服店 神戸

大塚呉服店 神戸

Little Sea Dragon

Glaucus atlanticus (commonly known as the sea swallow, blue angel, blue glaucus, blue dragon, blue sea slug and blue ocean slug). This little sea slug eats poisonous jellyfish and stores their venom for its personal use

Antimima sp.

Intersting Antimima fenestrata from the Beeaswater/Wolwenes area (near Vanrhynsdorp)

Animals that don’t suck (36 Photos)

** We had grown into one another somewhere along the way. We were officially a team.