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18 Flexible Seating Ideas for your Classroom!

Classroom seating is going from metal chairs to alternative seating options! Check out 18 flexible seating options for your classroom! There are suggestions such as yoga balls, scoop rockers, wobble chairs, and more! Check out classroom furniture that you could get FOR FREE! Turn your classroom into a 21st century classroom with these flexible seating options!

Helping Students Follow the Rules

Sometimes making the right choices is tough, but with your help every student can do it! The last one really changed by relationship with a tough student.

Integrate Multicultural Fun Into the Classroom!

As an future educator it is important to Integrate multicultural learning into the classroom, in order to create a positive inclusive learning environment for every student regardless of his or her own culture, race and ethnicity.

One Thing You Should Do (Over and Over) to Get Good Behavior

If you want good behavior from your toddler or preschooler, this is the one thing you must do over and over again

25 Lego activities for kids

If you're on the hunt for boredom busters for bad weather days, or just like to find new and exciting kids activities you can enjoy with your little ones, you'll love this collection of fun and easy lego activities for kids! There are so many fantastic id