$10 USB power outlet leaves no plug behind -- need!

$10 USB power outlet leaves no plug behind

Sounds like good prActice for a zombie outbreak. *in case of outbreak during sleep*

A new way to wake up…

Shoot your alarm clock to turn it off each morning. but wouldn't you have to grab the gun which takes the same time as turning the alarm clock off. and then you'd have to shoot the target when you're half asleep to turn the darn thing off.

Couch to Bunk Bed

LOVE THIS IDEA for a guest room/ office. Couch to Bunk Bed. Pondering that, or a murphy bed.

Innocable Charging Cable. It's guaranteed to be tangle-free!

6 Items to Simplify Your Life

Innocable Charging Cable This ultrathin and flat USB cord threads under tight spaces without ever tangling, making it easy to keep your electronic devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad) charged and ready to go. Available in four bright colors.

Attach to downspout of gutter to catch rainwater.

'A Drop of Water' rain barrel with an integrated watering can - Bas van der Veer

CLINIQUE - Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser  #sephora

What it is:A cream-mousse cleanser that gently and effectively rinses away makeup and sunscreens.What it does:This foamy cleanser removes long-wearing makeup and sunscreens quickly and efficiently. It gently delivers comfort to skin with soothing bot