Jellyfish handprint

Little Wonders' Days: Handprint Jellyfish Craft for Kids

Food Chain War - free printable card game

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Four Free Habitat Science Journal Pages

Classroom Freebies: Four Free Habitat Science Journal Pages

7 animal habitat flipbooks from my Habitat unit

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Ocean Habitat

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Courtney Zygmontowicz

Ocean Habitats

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This 68 page science unit on ocean habitat is completely integrated with Arts and Literacy.

Ocean Habitat- An Arts Integrated Science and Literacy Unit


Meacham Science and Social Studies Units Themes

Brainpop - Habitats Science Unit Videos: camouflage, desert, extinction, food chains, hibernation, Outcomes: HC4.1, HC4.2, HC4.3

BrainPOP | All Science Topics

Habitat Sort – A cut and paste activity in which students identify and sort animals found in desert and forest habitats.

Boardmaker Achieve

LOTS of Sand and Desert Activities - good for habitat studies and also summer.

Sand and desert preschool and kindergarten activities

This 3 page set will help with your habitat unit!*Desert Notes page*Rain Forest Notes page*Venn Diagram to compare the two...

Desert and Rainforest Habitats

This product consists of 6 colorful habitat mats (Forest, Arctic, Farm, Jungle, Desert, and Ocean) and 6 pages of animal cards (between 7-9 animals...

Teachers Pay Teachers

Animals and Their Habitats Sorting Mats and Picture Cards

"Walking through the Jungle" Class Book modeled off of Debbie Harter's book....can change the habitat ex: "walking through the desert"

Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Class Books

BrainPOP Jr - HABITATS UNIT VIDEOS: arctic habitats, camouflage, desert, extinct and endangered species, food chain, forests, freshwater habitats, hibernation, migration, plant adaptations, rainforests Outcomes: HC4.1, HC4.2, HC4.3

BrainPOP Jr. | Science

Desert lapbook

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Animal Habitat Facts Sheets includes the following habitats....desert, grasslands, oceans, ponds and wetlands, antarctic and arctic, oceans, rain f...

Clip Art by Carrie Teaching First

Habitat ideas: Desert

Saylor's Log: Desert

animal habitats

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Desert Habitat writing/reading activity & elf owl - saguaro cactus craftivity

Dragonflies in First: Happening Habitats

Worksheets: Habitats Word Search: Desert Animals

Habitats Word Search: Desert Animals

Worksheets: Animal Habitats: Deserts

Animal Habitats: Deserts

Catchy desert twists on traditional children’s songs and poems will have children chiming in about cactuses, camels, and more as they learn about the desert habitat and its flora and fauna.

Deep in the Desert

$This is a 40 page unit to use when you are teaching about the desert habitat in your classroom. Included are:*cover/credit pages*syllable page*...

Teachers Pay Teachers
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Make a desert habitat in 3-D using ROYGBIV. See bulletin boards.

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