A Baby Bath Apron Towel!

Baby Bath Apron Towel and Mitt PDF SEWING PATTERN - Instant Download -By BlissfulPatterns

Sewing pattern for a great baby shower gift! A Baby Bath Apron Towel! Makes getting those slippery babies out of the bath much easier! Sweet sewing genius Maybe something to make eventually. It's a good idea. Could always just use any apron pattern

I hate baby shower games, but this is hilarious....when the ice melts in your drink, and your baby floats you yell "my water broke!" Wish I would have seen this sooner...hilarious!

"My Water Broke" baby shower game. Freeze plastic ‘babies’ in ice cubes. Put a cube in everyone's drink. During the shower when someone’s ice melts enough to let the baby float – they yell “My Water Broke!” A prize is given – and/or hilarity ensues!

Cute pregnancy announcement! Wish I could still do this...

t-shirt says "only child expiring feb . could do "youngest child expiring {insert date}"

New Mom Comfort Kit--for labor!

DIY Happy "BIRTH"day New Mom Comfort Kit.gift for expecting mothers to take to the hospital when they go into labor. This would make a great shower gift!

Baby sign language

Baby Sign Language - Quick Reference Guide, yes I will be doing baby signs I can't help it it's the SLP in me.

baby shower game trophies #spraypaint #babyshower #bottle #trophies #trophy #gold #silver #bronze

baby shower game trophies spraypaint babyshower bottle trophies trophy gold silver bronze- unique idea for shower games or maybe better for diaper party-trophies!

Adorable newborn photo idea- baby lying on paper from the day he is born

Use the newspaper from Baby's birthday to commemorate the current events surrounding the birth! Continue to incorporate the newspaper in pictures from each birthday throughout childhood as a "snapshot journal"

YES! lol

Brandon would love this for our daughter someday! :) "I'm not allowed to date.

A hoodie for you and baby and no worries about the blanket not covering toes or fingers!!...hahaha love it!

Im not ready to have babies, but this is awesome. I love hoodies hahaha A hoodie for you and baby and no worries about the blanket not covering toes or fingers. This is awesome!

This is sooo sweet

Such a sweet wall decal - "Read me a story, tuck me in tight, say a sweet prayer and kiss me goodnight."- For a babys room one day!

Cute to do each month. I will have to keep this in mind for the future!

Pregnancy Photo Idea - do for nine months.

I'm told I Love Football Onesie.

I'm told I Love Football Onesie. That's funny. I want to get one that says "I'm told I love CrossFit.

10 pictures to take on your baby's first day!

Shutterbug: 10 Pictures to Take on Baby's First Day (Baby's Deep Sleep Sleeping…


big brother/ little brother or little Brother / big sister by rosalyn

Cute! (in boy colors of course!)

baby girl gown, coming home hospital outfit idea!one of my all time favorite baby items is the gown!