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mamas kram

Check out these great driftwood sailboats with sails made out of nautical-look fabric scraps. I think you could also use long breadbaskets as the boat bottoms and put the bread for your buffet in them!

Kissing Clothes Pin Couples | Lilyshop Blog by Jessie Jane

I love all the clothes pin crafts that are found at Best Clothes Pin Crafts. So many of the ideas will be great fun to do with the kids, or many of the projects are crafts that the kids can do alone.

by Lynn Muir

Wooden sculptures in the shape of Lynn Muir people or what can be made of wood

Tutorial on How to Make Clothespin Dolls

Morganised Chaos: how to make - a Clothes Pin Doll - good tutorial with some great hints

In this lesson, I’m going to teach you one of the basic folds in creating a book sculpture — the triangle fold — and how this simple fold can easily be modified to create interesting designs for your book sculptures. An array of triangle folds creates a simple but captivating design. Modify a series of …

Book Sculpture Workshop, Lesson 1 - Johwey Redington site is not working, there are only this drawings

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