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The scene where Eowyn confronts the Witch King, Lord of the Nazgul, is one of the best scenes in The Lord of the Rings and perhaps the single most often chosen by artists.
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White Lady of Rohan by

White Lady of Rohan by liga-marta on deviantART ~ Eowyn of LOTR ~ artist Liga Klavina from Latvia

There was no description of this on the original website, but it looks an awful lot like Eowyn and the Witch King. The fell beast's wing is in the upper left, the oliphaunts are on the right. Conceptual Art by Tiziano Baracchi.

Eowyn in the midst of slaying the Nazgûl / Witch King of Angmar, in fine art, by The Art of Tiziano Baracchi.

Alan Lee - Eowyn vs the Nazgul

Alan Lee (the legend) - Eowyn stands against the Witch King of Angmar