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Baby Tasmanian Devil.

The Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii) is a carnivorous marsupial of the family Dasyuridae, now found in the wild only on the Australian island state of Tasmania. Who knew Tasmanian Devils were so cute?

Love the stripped down simple style on this excellently realized Romanian stamp.

Baby Reindeers - that is just ridiculously cute and they are so fluffy and fat looking! I love it!

Funny pictures about Winter Baby Reindeer. Oh, and cool pics about Winter Baby Reindeer. Also, Winter Baby Reindeer photos.

World Heritage - Shirakawa Village, Japan

Shirakawa, Japan * The Historic Villages of Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama are one of Japan's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The site is located in the Shogawa river valley stretching across the border of Gifu and Toyama Prefectures in central Japan.

Kenai fjords, Alaska

Kenai Fjords, Alaska - Clear water + waterfront hut style home on an evergreen covered mountainside.


Cute Work Outfit Ideas for Girls. Work outfit doesn't mean boring clothes and leaving your personal style behind.