Flavored Water Recipes. Say no to juice and soda!

Quick & Easy Flavored Water Ideas by Jamie Oliver - perfect for people like me who despise soda.

Strawberry champagne mimosas.

Yeahhhh it doesn't matter what type of mimosa it is.it's a mimosa! Strawberry Mimosas - strawberry puree and champagne…much better than orange juice!

Black and White Holiday Bark with Dried Cranberries

Black and White Holiday Bark with Dried Cranberries.rice krispies, dried cranberries or cherries, white chocolate, bittersweet chocolate

Pepper and Cheese stuffed hamburgers. YUM!

Armadillo eggs - hamburger meat, chili pepper stuffed with cheese. Must make in advance but it would be SOOOO yummy after a couple drinks and some firepit action. kinda looks like " ROAD KILL" but we'll give it a go