from faucet turns

Veryyyy creative garden art made from garden faucets. And I love this next outdoor project perhaps?

vintage mailbox

We had a mail box like this one next to the front door and the mailman who walked with a big bag on his back came up and placed the letters in it. Just one step out the door to get your mail each day.neat bill storage for home office!

this is Awesome

A work of art. Door in Jaffa, Israel. Wouldn't it be fun to paint pretty colors on a front door, something like this?

Rusty truck..a masterpiece.

This old truck has taken on the colors of fall around it as it slowly goes to rust.

Remember that your life belongs to you, and that you alone are responsible for your actions and wellbeing.

Patina on old door. (The "face" on this hardware kinda reminds me of the talking doorknob from 'Alice in Wonderland').

Where did I park that car?!

“Paradise Parking” is a stunning photo series of antique cars that have been left to slowly decay in nature. The series is by photographer Peter Lippmann. “Paradise Parking” will be on display at an upcoming show in Brussels by Gallery SophieMarie.


gothic keyed lock - I am so enamored with hefty, iron locks and keys set into doors of aging wood. Locks, doors and hinges each handcrafted by artisans and craftsman, not prefab and uniform, imparting no soul to a home.


Love the contrast between the orange/yellow of the changing leaves and the green peeling paint of the fence post.

"Paradise Parking" by Peter Lippmann.

Paradise Parking is a new series of work by American-born, Paris-based photographer Peter Lippmann. The photos capture mysterious abandoned cars in a state of complete decay as each is gradually consumed by nature.