Hanne Steengaard Dahl-Hansen

Hanne Steengaard Dahl-Hansen

Hanne Steengaard Dahl-Hansen
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Emil Nolde - Sunflowers 1930

Emil Nolde - Sunflowers, Emil Nolde's artworks were exhibited at kestnergesellschaft six times between 1918 and www.

Emil Nolde - Landscape Yellow and Purple ca 1931

Emil Nolde (German, Landschaft mit Kirche (Gelb und Violett) [Landscape with church (Yellow and purple], Watercolour on Japan paper, x cm.

Flowering trees

Seattle Cherry blossoms from trees left over from those sent to Washington DC from Japan, planted on the UW campus!

Growing Grapes

Many people choose to carry out hobbies and small businesses of growing fruits and vegetables, and a lot of satisfaction can be gained from eating or selling items that you grow yourself. Watching the growth of a plant into a nutritional fruit or.