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Ryan McArthur is a famous graphic and web designer turned famous inspirational quotes into excellent graphic design in the minimalist designs.

His love gives life. Encouragement to start a day. How wonderful it is to be a Child of our Father. To have the Lord watching over us and protecting us. We wake up because the Father has a plan and his love gives us life. Bible Verse Of The Day

Australian, studying Nutritional Medicine at University, been modelling on and off for 6 years, fighting depression and anxiety with the help of local produce, I just want to feel and be as good as I can while I'm alive. This is my visual diary.

The blue light from your gadgets resembles sunlight to your brain and keeps you awake.

people see what they want. people invent what they see. people commit to the vision they invent. people judge you by their vision of you. some people are full of shit and it makes me sad. I am sure I am not alone on this...

LOVE WHAT YOU DO! DO WHAT YOU LOVE! Become a Younique Presenter with me girlfriend! Younique is an amazing company and I LOVE their mineral makeup! I work from home via social media! I am looking for more Younique sisters to share in this journey with me!