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Daiana Rakhmetulla

Daiana Rakhmetulla
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Omg!!! Sooo sexy!!! Ovaries= dead.... Who am i kidding they were dead since he was born!

Okay, last picture for now of TOP. Picture from his solo song, Doom Dada.

Dear God, just kill me

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Choi Seunghyun

he reminds me of a little kid in this picture

“ A shirtless Choi Seunghyun ”

Is that actually TOP with his shirt off? I'm actually in shock. A shirtless TOP is like me swearing.

Poor Chanyeol lol

Suho Chen D.O Sehun Chanyeol Luhan. Omg LOL poor chanyeol at the bottom

GD Jiyong / G Dragon ♡ #Kpop #BigBang

GD Jiyong / G Dragon ♡ .I find this funny. And I like GD in the first pic.