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Funny Animal Overload - 32 Pics

"Some people come into your life as a blessing... other people come into your life as a lesson. Those people are better known as douchebags." BAHAHAHA

Wasn't that just so sweet of you to post that picture of us together where you looked like you were from Next Top Model and I looked like I was from the Walking Dead.Totally.



No I was... I was waving at the person behind you. Unsuccessful attempt to make them believe that you are waving at someone behind them in-turn embarrassing them. Fails from the start typically... Walk away quickly with your head down.

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Teenager Posts Of The Week!

so relatable. Every. Single. Day. I have a habit of talking to inanimate objects. . .

How to Write a Radio Play

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Funny Family Ecard


My Tupperware lids and single socks are chilling somewhere laughing at me. Jerks!

Funny ecard

Funny Ecards. For you Gene Schaffer... remember one time at a music practice when Becky asked you if you could hear better with your glasses on...LOL LOL LOL

So very true.

Oh My Freaking Stars!: Chocolate & Salad @Brittany Horton Horton Horton Jost



Why have I never thought of this?!

gastric motility.. yay!!