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Collection by Daily Shunga


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Daily Shunga
Laughing Pictures - Images that depict sexual activity have mainly been called shunga since the Meiji period. Laughing Pictures, Japanese Art Prints, Kuniyoshi, Horror Art, Pictures Images, Adult Coloring Pages, Erotic Art, Top Artists, Anime Art

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Daruma 「あいつ、入ったきり出てこおへん。。次俺やっちゅうのに。。」”

Daruma あいつ入ったきり出てこおへん次俺やっちゅうのに

Painting with 'The Goddess Benzaiten and the God Fukurokuju' YOU can check out more hilarious shunga involving the Seven Lucky Gods by clicking this image NOW. Taisho Era, Geisha Art, Kuniyoshi, Sex And Love, Original Wallpaper, Japan Art, Erotic Art, Image Now, Cartoon Art

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “The battle of gods 弁財天と福禄寿? 福禄寿はん、どちらの頭も長いんですなぁ!”

The battle of gods 弁財天と福禄寿 福禄寿はんどちらの頭も長いんですなぁ

'Violent murder scene' from the series ‘Kari no fumi‘ by Utagawa Kunisada. You can check out more info on this and 12 other of the most violent shunga designs by clicking the image. Japanese Prints, Japanese Art, Kuniyoshi, Spring Pictures, Erotic Art, Scene, Art Prints, Anime, Painting

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Erotic murder 返り討ち。 いかなる時も気は抜けません。ナニは抜いてるけど。”

Erotic murder 返り討ち いかなる時も気は抜けませんナニは抜いてるけど

No daily subject matter was omitted in the images of shunga, so pregnant women having sex with their spouses should not be missing from the artist's idiom. Japanese Colors, Japanese Prints, Kuniyoshi, Spring Pictures, Japan Art, Woodblock Print, Erotic Art, Artist, Women

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Hello baby 以前と違うバージョンで「こんにちは、赤ちゃん」”

Hello baby 以前と違うバージョンでこんにちは赤ちゃん

In this twelfth and final design from Kyosai's series 'Picture Calendar with Erotic Scenes of the Twelve Months' we watch a man carrying money into a Japanese Painting, Chinese Painting, Chinese Art, Calendar Pictures, Picture Calendar, Dragon History, Japanese Prints, Japan Art, Treasure Boxes

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Treasure hole 大切なものは、女性の中に入れておきます。”

Treasure hole 大切なものは女性の中に入れておきます

'Vagina face' from the series 'Owarai (Loud Laughter)' by Kawanabe Kyosai. Click the image and check out another striking shunga by Kawanabe Kyosai featuring a vaginal storehouse. Courtly Love, Ancient Myths, Spring Pictures, Sea Monsters, Japanese Painting, Japanese Prints, Japan Art, Horror Art, Gravure

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Talisman 悪い男がつかないように魔除け? Happy Halloween 🎃”

Talisman 悪い男がつかないように魔除け Happy Halloween

oral sex art Ōyogari no koe (Call of Geese Meeting at Night) by Toyokuni Japanese Prints, Japanese Art, Couple In Rain, Geisha Art, Spring Pictures, Sleeping Dogs, Erotic Art, Prints For Sale, Asian Art

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “実は春画で69は、あまり描写されません。 男性が攻める場合、「お前が本命や!」 女性が攻める場合、「もう一回お願い〜」 という意味を含むそうです。 1822年”

実は春画で69はあまり描写されません 男性が攻める場合お前が本命や 女性が攻める場合もう一回お願い という意味を含むそうです 1822年

The happy couple are reading the book.You can see the mirror right side. Kuniyoshi, Erotic Art, Japanese Art, Disney Characters, Fictional Characters, Snow White, Mirror, Disney Princess, Artwork

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Mirror 仲睦まじい二人。”

Mirror 仲睦まじい二人

Rescue 襲われているのではありません自殺を図ったカップルが救出されるの図です 1830年 Kuniyoshi, Spring Pictures, Girl Couple, Weird Art, Gravure, Erotic Art, Japanese Art, Oriental, History

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Rescue 襲われているのではありません。自殺を図ったカップルが救出される、の図です。 1830年”

Rescue 襲われているのではありません自殺を図ったカップルが救出されるの図です 1830年

Licking cat なめ猫 Star Festival, Tibetan Art, Kuniyoshi, Erotic Art, Japanese Art, Contemporary Artists, Good Times, Gallery, Animals

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Licking cat なめ猫”

Licking cat なめ猫

Keep Your Resolutions: The Seven Deadly Sins As Represented in Shunga Japanese Colors, Japanese Prints, Japanese Art, Kuniyoshi, I Gen, Floor Colors, The Seven, Seven Deadly Sins, Woodblock Print

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Contest 「うーわ、見てあれ、ちっちゃ!」 「ん?よう見えへんな。プカーっ。」 かわいそうな物語。”

Contest うーわ見てあれちっちゃ んよう見えへんなプカーっ かわいそうな物語

Uppercut  昇龍拳 いや昇龍 Kuniyoshi, Erotica, Vintage, Art, Instagram, Art Background, Kunst, Vintage Comics, Performing Arts

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Uppercut 昇龍拳。 いや、昇龍◯◯◯。”

Uppercut 昇龍拳 いや昇龍

The undervalued Kobayashi Eitaku became a novice at the age of thirteen of the painter Kano Eitoku He climbed the ladder working as a court painter for the Hikone lords became their official painter and was granted the title of samurai. Spring Pictures, Japanese Prints, Japan Art, Mythical Creatures, Erotic Art, Dark Art, Oeuvre D'art, Les Oeuvres, Moose Art

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Big frog ゲロゲーロ。 こんなん出てきたら吐くわ💦”

Big frog ゲロゲーロ こんなん出てきたら吐くわ

kobayashi eitaku - shunga- erotic painting - monkey having intercourse with a woman Japanese Prints, Japanese Art, Japanese Monkey, Erotic Art, Asian Art, Magick, Latina, Album Covers, Istanbul

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Monkey 周りに子供もいるよ!”

Monkey 周りに子供もいるよ

An erotic woodblock print by Suzuki Harunobu, Under a Mosquito Net While Amusing a Child at Scholten Japanese Art. Daruma Doll, Art Asiatique, Kuniyoshi, Spring Pictures, Art Japonais, Reproduction, Second Child, Chinese Painting, Woodblock Print

Daily SHUNGA on Instagram: “Two child 早く寝かしつけるために子供をあやすママ。しかし、もう1人の子供は我慢できず‥。 1768年”

Two child 早く寝かしつけるために子供をあやすママしかしもう1人の子供は我慢できず 1768年

Laughing Pictures - Images that depict sexual activity have mainly been called shunga since the Meiji period. Man Images, Pictures Images, Laughing Pictures, Human Zoo, Origin Of The World, Japanese Art Prints, Gustave Courbet, Famous Novels, Man Ray

@daily_shunga shared a photo on Instagram: “Tatami beating 畳たたき。叩いて、飛ばす。 ええコンビです。” • Feb 24, 2019 at 5:48am UTC

Tatami beating 畳たたき叩いて飛ばす ええコンビです