Funny pictures about Reasons why I hate being a girl. Oh, and cool pics about Reasons why I hate being a girl. Also, Reasons why I hate being a girl photos.

How women flirt

How women flirt

Funny pictures about How women flirt. Oh, and cool pics about How women flirt. Also, How women flirt photos.

My knight in shining armor...

I can totally see chad doing this. I am the bug and spider catcher in my house.

The Boy paradox « GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs.I think I’ve posted a girl paradox before so here’s one on the boy paradox.

Awkward merit badges, by pleated-jeans.I have earned almost all of these.

Long Term Relationship Barbie Funny Image from evilmilk. Long Term Relationship Barbie was added to the pictures archive on

how to share your food

How to share your food. I was with you until the veggie plate. I'll take all of the carrots and cucumbers please.

Funny pictures about Douchebag badges. Oh, and cool pics about Douchebag badges. Also, Douchebag badges photos.

Actually, I'm NOT in love with you...sorry for the confusion

A neighbour wrote a love note intended for their wife but put it on the wrong car - and apologised for any disappointment caused