More than 4 million people in the United States suffer from schizophrenia, a disease where patients experience hallucinations, paranoia, and cognitive impairment. It is a chronic disease that requires ongoing medication and treatment. Learn more about Schizophrenia at
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This actress is using her fame to stand up for mental health.

First ever #abilify gets FDA approval......

Which Kids Should Take Antipsychotics? #Schizophrenia #Antipsychotics

UTI Burden with Schizophrenia. Urinary tract infections are a pretty common problem. But for people with schizophrenia, that type of infection may be even more common and may go unnoticed and untreated for a while.

Less Mood Disorder, More Psychosis. Not every mental health disorder fits easily into a category. Some slide on a scale between two well-defined disorders.

Team Management for Schizophrenics. Sticking to a prescribed medication plan can be tough for some patients with schizophrenia. Having a team of healthcare professionals making sure meds are being taken may help patients stick to the plan.

Taking a pill everyday can be a challenge, but depending on your condition it may be necessary. Although all conditions have some rate of medication non-adherence, skipping a pill plays an important role in those patients with schizophrenia. (Click the picture to read more.)

The human brain has a great capacity to learn and adapt, even in people who have mental disorders. A computer-based cognitive and functional therapy may help people with schizophrenia live better. (Click the picture to read more.)

Over three-fourths of the U.S. population taking antipsychotics takes those from the second generation. But, are they any better and do they have fewer side effects? (Click the picture to read more.)

It seems to make logical sense for any mental health condition: the faster you get treatment, the better you end up. If you have schizophrenia, it's true even decades later. (Click the picture to read more.)

Antipsychotic drugs may interact with other drugs in harmful ways. Some people with schizophrenia may be at risk for harmful drugs combinations. (Click the picture to read more.)