Not sure if i would ever do this, but how cute would it be to get this and a tattoo of a ring when you got married to that 1 special someone... never have to worry about losing the ring

what a perfectly good way NOT to lose your wedding ring or get it stolen...just use a real diamond, most jewelers can put one in a dermal setting. My only worry would b snagging

The Tragus + Quadruple Lobe. I really love how the earrings coordinate. It’s a really cute but daring look. I'm in love.

Crystalline Gem Pink Neon Carnation Belly Ring $6.99

Crystalline Gem Pink Neon Carnation Belly Ring

I wish people knew how pointless dermals are. of the time, the body refuses them and its a waste of you time and money. And they look like a nail decal stuck to your skin. Just do that instead!

Pink Gem Turtle Belly Ring

Product Details There's no need to retreat in your shell; show off your spectacular style in this dazzling turtle belly ring. Navel ring features a pink turtle charm dangling from a curved stainless s

Spiral jewelry in a conch piercing. Too cute. The bar I have now is super annoying. Definitely getting this.